TORAICHI Work Clothes

Introducing some of the great Japan's finest work wear.

 is Japan's premier craftman's clothing brand. Their distinctive TOBI series is popular in Japan and overseas.

In Japan, “Tobi” craftsman are highrise steel construction and scaffolding tradesmen. Their name literally means hawk, which reflects on their agility and work above the ground. In fact, they are said to move as if they were birds. The word Tobi also refers to the clothes these craftsman wear. Also popular among carpenters and plasters, Tobi work clothes are characterized by their free flowing and nonrestrictive pants.
Traditional Japanese craftsman's clothing, as seen this image, was called TOBI SHOZOKU. During the Edo period (1603~1868), in addition to construction, Tobi craftsmen played important roles in ceremonial events and fire fighting. 
The unique style of Tobi trousers, as we know them today, developed out of a westernization of traditional Japanese clothing. After the Meiji Restoration, workers adjusted their trousers in order to move more easily. They wore ankle high Jikatabi shoes which held in the cuffs of their trousers. Arising from the pride they have in their work, TOBI workwear has become fashionable among all of the construction trades. 

TOBI work trousers are comfortable, wide and free flowing, providing a great degree of flexibility and safety. By billowing above the ankle and under the knee, one's legs move freely and the excess fabric functions as a sensor, like a cat's whiskers, when working on very narrow scaffolding high above the ground. By making contact with other objects before one's legs, one can continue to work without having to look down.  The free flowing fabric can also measure the intensity of the wind and won't stick to sweaty legs. Lastly, Tobi trousers are tight around the calves, which improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue.
Tobi Series
2530 Series                   4309 Series                   8020 Series

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Cotton 100%                                                                                             

3942 broken denim      4441 back satin       8030 srub denim           8040 Wool 60%
TOBI Trousers Basic Styles: Please use this image when choosing a style.

           Nikka                                  Toraichi 8th                    Long 8th                      

nikka on8 onLong 8 on

          Super Long 8th             Double Long 8th             Triple Long 8

Super Long 8 onDouble long 8 onTriple Long 8 on


Waist Sizes:


73cm   (approx. 29 inches)


76cm   (approx. 30 inches)


79cm   (approx. 31 inches)


82cm   (approx. 32 inches)


85cm   (approx. 33 inches)


90cm   (approx. 35 inches)


95cm   (approx. 37 inches)


100cm (approx. 39 inches)